Terms and Conditions

Section 1 - Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions 

These General Terms and Conditions (“General T&Cs”) apply to the supply of products from the product range of Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper NV, registered office Gravestraat 5, 8647 Lo-Reninge, Belgium, registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0426.191.967 (“Jules Destrooper”) to the beneficiaries of a promotional campaign (the “Beneficiary”) via an online platform made available to them (the “Platform”). 

Jules Destrooper makes such supplies in connection with the performance of a loyalty scheme or promotional campaign offered to the Beneficiary by a partner of Jules Destrooper (the “Partner”). Redeeming gifts via the Platform does not give rise under any circumstances to a sale-and-purchase agreement between the Beneficiary and Jules Destrooper and therefore Jules Destrooper does not become a direct contractual partner of the Beneficiary in any way. Jules Destrooper will invoice the Partner for the products supplied.

The Beneficiary declares that he or she is aged 18 years or above. 

Section 2 - Designation of products

The range of products offered on the Platform is valid while stocks last and may be changed at any time. It is also dependent on the terms and conditions that Jules Destrooper has agreed with the Partner.

The description of the products conforms to the legislation in force. Images are provided for illustrative purposes and the packs supplied may differ in appearance from the product depicted online. 

Jules Destrooper cannot be held liable for any manifest material errors or printing or typographical errors.

Section 3 - Redemption of gifts

A gift can be redeemed via the Platform by following the steps indicated in the communications from the Partner to the Beneficiary. 

Jules Destrooper reserves the right to refuse redemptions in the following cases:

  • where an article is out of stock or no longer available;

  • where there was an error in the product offering;

  • where the delivery address is outside Belgium;

  • in cases of force majeure;

  • if the Partner has instructed it to do so.

Section 4 - Delivery

Unless otherwise stated, Jules Destrooper only agrees to deliver to Beneficiaries resident in Belgium.

If delivery times are stated, such delivery times are indicative only.  

The Beneficiary must ensure that the someone is available to sign for the goods at the agreed place of delivery. Jules Destrooper may deliver the goods at the agreed place of delivery to the person who offers to take receipt of them, without making any specific checks in this regard. The person who takes receipt of the goods at that time is deemed to represent the Beneficiary.

Jules Destrooper cannot be held liable if biscuits and/or other products break or suffer any other form of damage during transportation. 

Section 5 - Complaints 

Any visible damage and/or qualitative defects of the goods or other faults with the delivery must be reported as soon as possible, and within a maximum period of two months, to Jules Destrooper, failing which all rights will be forfeit. 

Section 6 - Privacy

When the Beneficiary’s details are entered via the Platform, personal data within the meaning of the Belgian Law on the Protection of Personal Privacy may be transferred. Personal data provided by the Beneficiary will be processed by Jules Destrooper for the following purposes: supply of the products selected by the Beneficiary. If you have given your consent, your data may also be provided to the Partner concerned.

The Beneficiary has a right to view and correct data concerning him or her. To exercise it, it is sufficient to write to Jules Destrooper at the address stated in the contact information in Section 7, providing proof of identity. 

A public register of the automated processing of personal data is maintained by the Belgian Privacy Commission. If the Beneficiary desires additional information about how Jules Destrooper processes personal data, he or she may also consult this register.

Section 7 - Contact information

The Beneficiary can contact Jules Destrooper via the online contact form.

Section 8 - Proof

The Beneficiary agrees that electronic communication (such as emails), files (such as transmission reports) and back-ups may serve as legal proof. 

Section 9 - Liability

The Beneficiary must store the products in accordance with the instructions on the pack. Except where mandatory statutory provisions apply, Jules Destrooper will not be liable for any (direct or indirect) damage caused by the products supplied. Beneficiaries are themselves responsible for the use and consumption of the supplied goods. Before consumption, the beneficiary must check whether consuming the goods may give rise to a potential allergic reaction. Jules Destrooper cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any loss suffered in this regard.

The Beneficiary uses the Platform at his or her own risk. Jules Destrooper will not be liable for any errors or unavailability of the Platform that result from a technical fault. Jules Destrooper will not be liable for any loss suffered by the Beneficiary as a result of the transmission of a virus via the Platform.

Section 10 - Applicable law - Competent courts 

The redemption of gifts via the Platform and the associated supply by Jules Destrooper are subject to Belgian law. In the event of disputes, the courts of the court district in which Jules Destrooper’s registered office is located shall have exclusive competence.